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About the 56 Bhog

The Taste Temple


Indra – The deity of thunder & rain, was compelled to accept lord Krishna’s supremacy after the latter one’s endeavor to raise the Govardhan Hill for a period as long as seven days just to protect the people of Vrindavan from the evil designs of the deity.

This story of divine intervention is well-known, but very few know that he used to have eight meals a day. Since the lifting of the mountain came as a big hurdle in this routine, his devotees served him with 56 dishes of delicious food on accomplishment of the Herculean task just to compensate the loss of 56 meals suffered during the seven days. Worshiping the lord Krishna with the offering of 56 Bhog is being observed as a religious custom since then.

Truly in line with the legendary treat, 56 Bhog, the newly launched the taste temple, has come up with an innovative concept that enables you to savor the taste of the 56 Bhog treat in both letter and spirit.

Not Just living together, but worshiping the god or dining together turns on the real charm of the family ties. Joy of feasting together is said to be one of the most effective catalysts strengthening the bond within a family.

That is why such occasion is considered auspicious specially for nuclear families, but the generation gap in general and taste preferences in particular prevent frequent occurrence of such event. And there comes the role of 56 Bhog, which gives you total freedom to make this happen by offering delicious dishes for all generations.



What makes the newly-launched swanky eatery completely different from its peers is the vast variety of choices. Servings of 56 items a day under the unique offering of all-you-can-eat buffet lunch/dinner and a gamut of entirely new items on any given day of a month makes 56 bhog perhaps India’s first restaurant to offer 1,736 food varieties per month under one roof.

Bridging the Generation Gap


Not only number of varieties, 56 Bhog also stand first when it comes to satisfy the personal preferences for the food. The 56 Bhog offered to our esteemed guest have it all – from continental food to traditional, South Indian to Chinese, Fast food to Desi Gujarati Dishes – you name it we have it.

What’s more, the menu for each day is being fixed so as to satisfy the appetite of all age groups. For a newborn baby, it has infant food like Cerelac mixed with milk and ad adolescent can pick fast-food of his/her choice. Even grandpa and grandma can also rejoice with their favorite food like hotchpotch & Gujarati curry. Above all is the homely feel and the love & affection with which the guests are being treated by the highly professional personnel.